Staged homes photograph better, show better, sell 4 times faster and for 10-13% more than homes that have not been staged.  Staging adds warmth, charm and a place to sit which allows buyers to envision living there and create an emotional connection.  It also clarifies confusing rooms and floor plans, draws attention away from imperfections, focuses on the homes best elements and sets your listing apart from others.  And most importantly, staged homes are remembered longer and more favorably than vacant homes.

From start to finish, Furnish Home Staging is there every step of the way starting from the property preview to the design of each home to reflect its style and market, to the removing of furniture and making sure the property is ready for the new owners.  With our classic clean lined furnishings and accessories, our goal is to get your listing sold within the first week.


At Furnish Home Staging, we want the owner occupied homes to shine and sell quickly, too.  We have been expertly helping satisfied clients since 2012.

We coach sellers on the best steps, tips and tricks to prepare your home for listing with recommendations for de-cluttering, repairs, paint color, home improvements, de-personalization, furniture arrangement and more so you are confident your home will looks its best for the first open house and photo shoot.  We provide a detailed written report so you won't forget anything.  Or, if you prefer to take notes and save a little money, you can choose the "Walk & Talk" consultation.