The Right Wall Color for Listing Your Home

As a Home Stager, I am hired to help sellers get their homes ready for listing, and often times it is because the Realtor sees issues and the home needs some help.  One of the suggestions I give most is changing out wall color to tone down when it is too bright or dark, and to freshen a room (or rooms ) up.  Gone are the days of white or cream walls for listing.  Nowadays, people expect more, but not too much more.  As a home stager and an interior designer, I prefer to add a little more warmth and style but keep it versatile enough that it appeals to the masses.

The average person is only able to envision what is in front of them.  Having a bright or dark colored wall or room is hard to see past.  The likelihood of a potential buyer having the furniture and decor to match a cranberry colored wall is slim, and if a buyer has the choice between a property that doesn't need paint vs. one that does, they are going to buy the property that entails the least amount of work.  For me, painting is not a big deal, but for most it can be a deal breaker.  

If you are planning on living in the property while it is listed, your paint choices need to work with your furnishings, so you will need to keep that in mind when you make your choice.  And always remember that what you would choose for your home to live in is not the same as what it should be for listing.  Staging and Interior Design are two different animals!  So, no accent walls of bright or dark colors and definitely no yellow, purple or pink walls.

Classic Grey

My favorite grey is Sherwin Williams Repose Grey.  It is the purest grey I have ever found.  It has no undercurrent of blue, green or purple that so often accompanies grey's.  It looks like it has some brown in it, but that doesn't show up once on the wall unless you have light brown or tan flooring.  It is one of the most versatile colors for staging and is a cool, sophisticated hue that can  add depth to a room.  It’s great in both large and smaller spaces.

Another grey I have used and recommended Sherwin Williams Olympus White.  Don't be deceived by the fact it is called white because it goes on light grey with a touch of blue.  It is another very versatile grey that works with most decor.  

Taupes and Beige

Taupe and beige often sounds drab, but there are so many shades that have warmth and depth to them that they feel more designer than boring.  Again, Sherwin Williams is my go-to brand.  They have a neutral called Macadamia and Toasted Pine Nut that gives a room a warm and refreshing look.  I have recommended these two colors countless times and have never had a client say anything but positive things.  These two colors also look great together if you were needed something a little lighter for one room (Toasted Pine Nut) and something a little richer in another (Macadamia).

These are just a few suggestions for neutral paint colors that may add a little more interest in your home or listing.  A fresh coat of paint also tells potential buyers that you have done the necessary steps to get your house ready to sell, which equates to the subliminal suggestion that it has been well taken care of.  


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