West Linn Owner Occupied Home Sells in 1 day...

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When home owners live in their home while it is listed, there can be challenges.  The most obvious is the practicality of keeping a home clean and tidy for any last minute viewings, which is difficult, especially if you have kids.  

So when I was asked to do a consultation for a home in West Linn, there were several concerns I had about its current state.  Fortunately, the seller was more than agreeable to do all of the items on my list, which makes life as a home stager so much easier.  But in addition to painting the red dining room, removing draperies and removing furniture, the scale of furniture and its use in the formal dining room was a concern.  

The homeowner moved out almost all of their furnishings and allowed me to stage the room as it was intended- a formal living room.  After paring down the amount of furniture and using smaller scale items, the room felt much larger and lighter, and the game room, as the room had been used previously, was nowhere in sight.  

As a result, potential home buyers were able to see the room for what it was and envision living in that space.  With the sellers furnishings, it was hard to imagine.  Selling with multiple offers at the first open house (which was 1 day after listing), the power of staging continues to pay for itself many times over.  

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