Six Things To Do In Feburary

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We eagerly await spring and all that it brings.  It may still be cold out there but there are some things we can do in the meantime to enjoy the inside of our homes while we wait to go outside.  

1) Plan for a spring or summer home sale.  Spring and summer are the most popular times to put a house up for sale, so if you are considering listing, it's a good time to start planning the projects that will need to be done.  Realtors are often uncomfortable telling their clients that the burgundy colored wall needs to be painted or the floral sofa needs to go.  Hire a stager to give a professional opinion as to what needs to be removed, added, changed, repaired, etc.  A good home stager will know exactly what will be most important to potential home buyers and can save you a lot of time, money and worry.  

2) Clean indoor windows.  It  may be too cold to clean the exterior windows, but cleaning the interior window can help boost light and mood; something we all can use a bit more of during the winter.

3) Give your bath a spa-inspired makeover.  Fresh new white towels, a new shower curtain and liner, and a few organic accents such as a potted plant and a teak "bathmat" can transform a bathroom and inspire you to take a few minutes for yourself.

4) Stay warm and save money by blocking drafts coming through doors with door snakes.  Keep doors closed to rooms you're not using and warm up with cozy down comforters.

5) Clean the air by bringing in new houseplants.  Not only will they boost air quality, they will make you feel better.  Even if it is cold outside, try opening a window for a few minutes each day to bring in some fresh air.  Change out furnace filters and consider buying an air purifier to control allergies.

6) Treat yourself to fresh flowers each week.  My favorites are tulips, so when they are in season I go crazy.  For around $7, I feel they are well worth the weekly expense.  Plus, they cost far less than Prozac!


Blog post inspired by Laura Gaskill, Houzz

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