Sellwood Bungalow too cute to sit for 6 months.

When Furnish Home Staging first went to see this Sellwood listing, the owners wanted to use the furnishings they had left when they moved to the Seattle area.  It had been sitting like that for 6 months until the sellers decided to switch Realtors.  Their new Realtor was educated and savvy enough to recognize that something wasn't working, so she brought Furnish Home Staging in to see what we recommended.  The first and most obvious problem was not only that the furnishings they had left were too oversized and dated, only the living room had any.  After removing the furnishings, we brought in newer smaller scale furnishings and accessories that better suited the neighborhood and the potential market that the Realtor and we felt was most likely.   They were under contract in 3 days with back-up offers.  The power of staging was proven in Portland once again.  

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